This is future Emma. And this is my blog about reaching my true potential. After deciding that the Rat Race is no longer for me I’m talking myself on a real-time journey to reaching my full potential in the hope it might inspire others to reach theirs too. Join me for a bit of humour, successes and mega fails! I chose Entropy Emma because I feel it so well describes how manic life is and how much more complex and disorderly it seems to be every day. My hope for this blog is that I might be able to bring some amusement or joy to someone else’s life.  One of my new life goals is to work out what my mission is and how I can contribute to others. So, let’s start at the beginning. My five life goals are to be the best person I can be in the following areas:

  1. Mission
  2. Financial Freedom
  3. Relationships
  4. Health
  5. Growth

Each year I have specific goals that work towards how I want to feel, these are the promises am I going to make to myself, to future Emma.

2019 Goals

The 2019 series of blogs is called ‘Getting in the Driving seat’. It is the year of living my best life and being wholeheartedly me.  

1. Mission:

By the end of 2019 I will.. be more in control of my life mission and purpose. I want to feel secure, purposeful, autonomous. 

  • Secure. Have completed the renovation of my house and the de-clutter of my physical and digital belongings. Good looks like not needing to worry about everything around the house that ‘needs to be done’ someday.
  • Purposeful. Understand what brings me a sense of purpose. Good looks like testing out different avenues to either remove these avenues of inquiry at worst and at best discover something(s) that bring me a sense of purpose.
  • Autonomous. Have a better understanding of my own needs and values. Good looks like being able to make more confident decisions about how to spend my time and other finite resources.

2. Financial Freedom:

By the end of 2019 I will.. be able to maintain my current lifestyle with an increased freedom of choice on how much I work in paid employment. I want to feel clear, free and secure. 

  • Clear. Have established a new normal for my spending post becoming minimalist. Good looks like a clear monetary figure of what I need to be financially free, rather than what I feel I ‘should’ earn.
  • Free. Have set up passive income streams. Good looks like being able to choose how many hours I work in paid employment. Aspiration: part time hours.
  • Secure. Have invested my equity in something that will contribute towards my pension and standard of living at retirement. Good looks like having a rough 50 year plan.

3. Relationships:

By the end of 2019 I will.. have more meaningful and rewarding connections with the people in my life, including clear boundaries. I want to feel: connected, loved, boundaried.

  • Connected. Have deepened my ‘A’ relationships. Good looks like deeper feelings of connectivity with the people that are most important to me through being vulnerable and present.
  • Loved. Have an intimate relationship with another person. Good looks like being courageous, despite the risk of rejection. Self-compassion and self-love in the search for this relationship.
  • Boundaried.  Have a better understanding of my boundaries when engaging with others. Good looks like having the confidence to say no to others if it means compromising my own needs or values.

4. Health and Wellbeing:

By the end of 2019 I will.. have made incremental improvements to my physical and mental health in a way that is sustainable. I want to feel strong, disciplined, balanced.

  • Strong. Have a lean and strong body. Good looks like: being able to go for long walks with friends without feeling exhausted, being able to confidently climb a 6c route indoors and reducing my body fat percentage to circa 24%.
  • Disciplined. Have routine. Good looks like not neglecting my health needs through lack of routine of sleep, exercise, stretching and physical grooming. Establishing a new normal for self-compassion and self-talk that diminishes my feelings of anxiety and low mood.
  • Balanced. Have completed my counselling. Good looks like having taken out everything out of the ‘cupboard’, where all unpleasant things are kept, unpacked everything one by one, shaken it down, understood it, accepted it and packed it away.

5. Growth:

By the end of 2019 I will.. have rebalanced where I channel my energy to include more time for recreation, learning creativity, expression and play. I want to feel cultured, wiser, joyful.

  • Cultured. Be a more rounded human being. Good looks like saying yes to opportunities to learn and understand other people and cultures. Even if this means resolving conflict and having difficult conversations to get there.
  • Wiser. Have continued with my learning mindset. Good looks like having at least one learning project on the go to feel that I am still working towards a greater understanding.
  • Joyful. Introducing play and recreation into my routine. Good looks like taking part in creative activities that being me joy such as singing, dancing, crafting things, exploring ideas and concepts, writing short stories and poems, painting, drawing or playing a musical instrument.

  Photo credit: Emma Frances


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